Active Learning Materials and Activities Planning Sheet

AL materials planning sheet

 This 6-page form includes the following sections:

       -  Identification of a child's likes and dislikes (objects, actions, people)
       -  Summary of sensory channels
       -  Notes on observations of child
       -  Ideas for specific items to include in instruction
       -  Goals, Objectives, Skills – Data for Child Progress Reporting

Sample Active Learning Materials and Activities Planning Sheet

sample active learning planning sheet


This sample form shows how you might fill it out for a given student.  We have filled in the list with items from Dr. Nielsen's list of Attractive Objects and the FIELA Curriculum, as well as specific items that are of interest to this individual learner (e.g. sugar cane).

Note that on page 5 we have highlighted the top three sensory channels for this particular learner.  We found that highlighting the items on the list that correspond to these channels enabled us to see where more items needed to be added.

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Active Learning Forms (Little Room)

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Active Learning Forms (in French, traduit en français)

French translation of Active Learning forms

Download Active Learning Forms (in French, traduit en français)(in French, traduit en français)

HOPSA Dress Forms

Download HOPSA Dress observation form (.doc)

Download PDF of HOPSA Dress observation form.