The photos on this page show a variety of ways in which to promote independent sitting in a number of different of learning environments.  Each of the photos demonstrates the importance of proper positioning with a selection of interesting materials located within reach.  

All photos are from the Narbethong State School in Queensland, Australia.

A girl in supported seat with active learning materials on both sides. 


A young girl sits with legs extended in an adapted chair.  Her left hand rests on a wooden cage with balls inside.  Her right arm is positioned next to hanging metal chimes.



Boy sitting in Active Learning classroom.



A boy sits on an ESSEF board with a position board in front of him.  A textured ball is under his left hand and a tray of colorful flashlights is located on his right side.




A girl sits independently in a Narbethong classroom



A girl sits with her legs extended and a reflective "space blanket" on her lap.  A large mirror is positioned directly in front of her at a slight angle.




A girl sits next to a position board.




A girl sits with her back against an ESSEF board, with her left hand resting on a position board with strands of different colored beads.



Collage of Promoting Sitting