Practice makes perfect! This is critical to learning for anyone because repetition creates and strengthens neural connections in the brain.  Provide plenty opportunities (thousands and thousands) for the learner to practice a skill so that it becomes part of the individual's personality.  The more "automatic" a skill becomes the less energy it takes for the learner to use that skill and the more likely he/she will use it in many different situations and environments.

Remember the learner must initiate the movement. Co-active movement with the adult may not accomplish the same growth of skills. Let the child have time to process what they are learning from their movement; this may look like the child is taking a short break.

Give the learner opportunities to practice a particular skill with a variety of materials. You should have multiples of objects and varieties of the same object to allow the child to generalize learning. Children learn at different rates; some children may take much longer than others to make a skill something that can be automatic.