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APH Lightbox learning environments

  • Diane Adams
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4 months 3 weeks ago #560 by Diane Adams
Diane Adams created the topic: APH Lightbox learning environments

I want to create some PVC framed "little rooms" to allow students to explore a light box and materials in that has light proof curtains all around and over the top. The classrooms I work in don't have the ability to be darkened just in one small area, so I want to create these for my teachers to use. Has anyone else ever crafted something like this? I appreciate any help I can get! The idea is to have the enclosure go around a table with enough room for a chair/wheelchair and an adult chair.


4 months 3 weeks ago #564 by Charlotte Cushman
Charlotte Cushman replied the topic: APH Lightbox learning environments
Hi Diane,

While it sounds like it would be helpful to your student to limit the amount of overhead light, this wouldn't really be a "Little Room". You could certainly rig something up with a PVC frame, but there are also some commercially available products, such as a Crazy Dome tent www.amazon.com/Glow-Crazy-Doodle-Dome-Tent/dp/B017OUQ2Z0/ or a pop-up pod www.amazon.com/Portable-Dressing-Changin...rying/dp/B00ZPZ7NLE/ You'd want to be sure to pay attention to ventilation and be sure that the student is easy to observe at all times.
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