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teeth grinding

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3 weeks 1 day ago #1181 by Melissa
Melissa created the topic: teeth grinding
I watched the video "when things go wrong" and am curious to know how one made the nylon bag with cornstarch to help with teeth grinding. My daughter is 3.5 and has been grinding her teeth for at least a year, off and on. I'm starting to think it may be more of a habit. I would like to offer her other things instead, but I'm not sure how to go about making the nylon bag. Is there another alternative? Her OT/speech therapist don't have any ideas unfortunately so I'm at a loss.
3 weeks 8 hours ago #1193 by Patty Obrzut
Patty Obrzut replied the topic: teeth grinding
Hello Melissa,
It is important when looking at a problem to perform a complete assessment on any child, so that you can identify developmentally where your child is at, and what skills to work on next. By providing the correct active learning environment, many stereotyped behaviors can be reduced.

For making the nylon bag, you can buy nylon material at any material store. Sew three sides of the bag using a sewing machine, but leave the fourth side open. Fill the bag with corn starch, and then hand stitch the open end of the bag. (Do not try to sew the bag on the sewing machine once filled.) After a period of time, the bag will need to be thrown away and another one can be used in its place. It is important to provide other active learning environments as well, so that the child has developmentally appropriate activities to learn new skills.
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