Dr. Nielsen designed various "perceptualizing aids" or equipment to facilitate activity in individuals with multiple disabilities.  A key factor in the development of these aides was to allow the learner to be an active participant when positioned in supine (on back), prone (on stomach), in sitting, or standing.  Each piece of equipment was put through a rigorous testing and design process to achieve the optimum learning environment for the individual with special needs.  Factors such as maximum responsiveness, safety, air-flow, and vibratory qualities were considered. It is recommended that only authentic Active Learning equipment be utilized.  The authorized dealer in the United States is LilliWorks (www.lilliworks.org).  See the dropdown menu - Things You Should Buy.

You may want to download our Quick Guide to Active Learning Equipment (Word or PDF) to use as a reference in the selection of equipment.

Equipment guide

Dr. Nielsen also developed or approved of some perceptualizing aides or equipment that can be hand made by professionals, caregivers, and parents.  Plans that can be downloaded from this site will be listed under the Equipment dropdown menu - Things You Can Make