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The Little Room can be configured in a variety of sizes.  Individuals unable to sit up independently should always use a shorter Little Room (seen below in the middle.)  Individuals able to sit independently should be placed in a taller, sitting up design (child size on the left, adult size on the right.) 


On occasion a riser is used to add an additional 6 inches of height to the Little Room.  This is especially useful when a child is between sizes, and the taller design is too high, causing too much swing in the objects attached.  Risers can be hand-made out of wood, and the Little Room should sit securely on top. 

Below is a picture of a handmade riser sitting on a Resonance Board on the left and on the right a picture of a Little Room placed on the riser. 













Michael is sitting in up in a Little Room with a riser, but his head is touching the lid or top. Time to move up to the next size.


Now we can see that Michael has the appropriate head space in the adult-size, sitting-up room configuration. This size will fit him through adulthood.


Paxton, below, is in child-size, sitting-up Little Room. His head is at lid or top of the Little Room; time to add riser or move to the adult-size, sitting-up Little Room.


Paxton is shown in child-size Little Room on riser. This is a good size for him.














Madison, seen below, is in child-size, sitting-up Little Room. This is a good height for her.                  










Rylan in lying-down Little Room. This is a good size for him.












 RJ in lying-down Little Room.  This configuration has been adapted because he is feeding using a g-tube.  The Little Room is placed on wedge with a Resonance Board on top, with non-slide material on the board while the tube feeding is running. 








The Little Room can be configured for a child to stand inside and manipulate objects.  This Little Room would need the bottom short legs replaced with the longer legs, and it would be tall enough for Paxton.