Note: With all activities, safety comes first. These activities need to be supervised by an adult and may need to be modified if you child has a lot of hand and arm strength.

Wash Your Hands

What we hear repeatedly about COVID 19 is the benefit of frequent handwashing. If you child can sit or stand with our without support, use a rubber basin or large bowl filled with soapy water and let your child play in it.  You can offer scented soap and start the activity by rubbing the soap on to wet hands. If your child needs support to sit or stand, working from behind the child, use hand-under-hand while you wash your hands. Offer your child scented soaps letting him smell the scent before gently rubbing on his hands.  Slow your pace and just enjoy sharing the sensation of water, scent and slippery soap with your child. Consider adding things like nailbrushes, sponges, or washcloths to the water for additional scrubbing time. Don’t settle for just the amount of time it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song, extend the activity as much as your child’s interest and your own time allows.  Repeat often throughout the day. Consider bring siblings into the mix.

You may also want to review Activities of Daily Living on the Active Learning Space website.

Bathtub Play

In these next two activities, I was targeting a child who can sit unsupported or with minimal support and has some ability to grasp or bat.

Most everyone enjoys playing in the bathtub, so I challenged myself to create an Active Learning environment.

Simply put interesting things in the tub and let your child explore and/or offer items one at a time to your child using hand-under-hand. In addition to rubber duckies, and containers for pouring, consider adding other items that the child might encounter at home. Here are the things I found in just a few minutes.

Bathtub Play