Video Clips of Learners with CVI

The video clips on this page demonstrate some of the ways in which an Active Learning approach can be used with a learner with cortical visual impairment (CVI).  For more information on this topic, we invite you to watch the full webinar.

We are grateful to Diane Sheline of Strategy to See for sharing these videos.

CVI Phase I Position Board

Description: The young boy in this clip visually functions in Phase one, with a CVI score of 1 to 2.

CVI position board phase I

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CVI Phase II Position Board

Description: This 5 year old little boy has a score on the CVI range is 3.5 to 4, placing him in the early part of Phase 2 CVI.

cvi position board phase II

Downloads: Transcript (txt) Audio (mp3)

Young Girl with Slinky

Description: A toddler lies on her back in a darkened area. An adult suspends a lighted yellow Slinky, above her right side.

yellow slinky cvi 
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Blue LED Balloon in CVI Den

Description: An infant lies on his back in a darkened CVI tent. A blue balloon, with a light inside, is suspended above within reach of his arms.

blue balloon CVI tent 
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Mardi Gras Bead Curtain

Description: An infant lies on his right side facing a mini-lightbox with a curtain of red beads suspended in front.

young boy mardi gras beads

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Boy on Back with Yellow Slinky

Description: A young boy lies on his back in a darkened space. His right hand is inside an illuminated, yellow slinky suspended from above.

 Boy on back with yellow slinky
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Boy with Illumi Bowl-o-Balls

Description: A young boy is seated in a wheelchair. In his lap is a silver metal bowl filled with white and yellow plastic balls, illuminated by a bright flashlight.

boy illumi bowl o balls

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Red Mylar Pompom

Description: A young boy with glasses is seated in a wheelchair. A large, red mylar pompom is presented in front of him. He reaches out to explore it with both hands.

boy red mylar pompom

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Pegboard Book Demonstration

Description: A toddler, wearing glasses, sits at a table with large book with six pages made from pegboard. A single, yellow object is attached with elastic to each page.

 demo pegboard book
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al CVI video demo collage