Supine Play on the Resonance Board

Children need time to practice moving while on their backs. This helps to develop leg, arm, and neck strength, among other things. Here is a simple way to use a Resonance Board and various materials to entice a child to move while lying on his back (in supine). The adult's role in the this activity is to replace items that are knocked down without commenting until the child takes a break. As the child becomes able to move arms and legs, the items are moved further from his/her body to encourage movements that can lead to being able to turn on the side or roll over.


Supine Play in a Platform Swing

You may also want to use a platform swing to encourage the use of arms and legs while in supine. In the example below, Patty demonstates how attaching an electronic keyboard (or other noise-making device) to a chair at the child's feet encourages him/her to push with legs and explore using feet.