Tips for Hanging Objects

Tabletop mobile

When hanging objects in a Little Room, Tabletop Mobiles, Position Board or other environment you want to make sure that items are secured properly.  Here are some tips for doing this from Patty Obrzut and the folks at Penrickton Center for Blind Children.

Materials you may need:

  • Tubing (aquarium, tube-feeding, etc.)
  • Loop Turner
  • Elastic
  • Dowels

This tubing can be purchased at a pet store or hospital supply, but can also be saved from tube feeding devices.

plastic tubing - image from Creative Commons

Loop turners can be purchased at fabric stores or departments.

Photo of a loop turner.

For best result use elastic that is at least 1/4 inch braided (not cord)

 Photo of elastic in a bolt and in a package.

 You can use mini cord locks that can be found at fabric or recreation departements or stores, or you can use small dowels. You need to cut a slight notch in the dowel to keep the elastic from slipping.



Small wooden dowel




Using a Loop Turner

Description: Patty Obrzut from Penrickton Center for Blind Children demonstrates how to use a loop turner to thread elastic through rubber tubing, for attaching objects in a Little Room or on a Position Board.

loop turner

Downloads: Transcript (txt) Audio (mp3)


1. Insert the loop turner into a section of plastic tubing.

Photo of Patty inserting the loop turner in the tubing






2. Attach the elastic to the loop turner.

3. Pull the elastic through the tubing.

Photo of Patty pulling elastic through the tubing






4. Secure one end of the elastic to the dowel and the other end to the object.
Photo of the elastic tied to the wooden dowel and a piece of vacuum cleaner hose.








Collage of threading elastic through plastic tubing