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September 2021: Create Your Own Active Learning Mobile!

August 2021: Back to School with Active Learning

May 2021:  Incorporating Active Learning into Dressing and Hygiene Routines

April 2021: Challenges in Implementing Active Learning

March 2021:  Active Learning and Orientation & Mobility (O&M)

February 2021: Encourage Vocalization Using an Active Learning Approach!

January 2021:  Vests, Gloves, and Belts

December 2020: Aligning Active Learning With General Education Goals

November 2020:  The Little Room:  Promoting Reaching and Spatial Orientation

October 2020:  Activities of Daily Living

September 2020:  Quick Guide to Active Learning Equipment

August 2020:  Active Learning Ideas for Online Classes

May 2020:  Gross Motor Ideas for At-Home Active Learning

April 2020:  Home Hacks for Active Learning

March 2020:  Active Learning Ideas to Try at Home

February 2020: The Remarkable Resonance Board

January 2020:  Can an Active Learning Approach Be Used with Learners with CVI?

December 2019:  Holiday Gift Ideas for Active Learners

October 2019: Learn How To Make Your Own Elastic Board!

September 2019: Training Ideas for Active Learning

June 2019:  Recreation and Leisure Ideas

May 2019:  Tips to Promote Oral Motor Development

April 2019:  Using Sound and Music in Active Learning

March 2019:  Glow Art for Active Learners

February 2019: Promoting the Development of Fine Motor Skills

January 2019:  Tools and Strategies to Document Progress

December 2018:  The Effect of an Active Learning Environment

November 2018: Demonstrated Progress Using An Active Learning Approach

October 2018:  Active Learning Resources for Families

September 2018:  Program Planning Using an Active Learning Approach

Summer 2018:  Online Active Learning Course Now Available!

June 2018: New Videos of Active Learning Equipment in Use

May 2018:  Getting Started with the Active Learning Space Site

April 2018:  Organize Your Space to Promote Active Learning

March 2018:  Learn More about Dr. Nielsen's Five Phases of Educational Treatment

February 2018:  Using an Active Learning Approach with Individuals with CVI

January 2018:  Using Active Learning with Older Students

November 2017:  Creating a Position Board for a Specific Learner

October 2017:  5 Key Points of Active Learning

September 2017:  The Effects of Anxiety and Stress

August 2017:  Selecting Materials for Active Learning

June 2017:  What to Do When Things Go Wrong in the Dynamic Learning Circle

May 2017:  Using a Little Room

February 2017:  Functional Scheme Assessment

January 2017:  Ideas for Positioning and Setting Up an Active Learning Classroom

November 2016:  The Dynamic Learning Circle

October 2016:  Implementation Strategies for Active Learning

Summer 2016:  Welcome to the Active Learning Space Newsletter!

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