Information included in this website is based on the works of Dr. Lilli Nielsen, and is not meant to replace these materials in anyway.  It is recommended that anyone interested in implementing Active Learning techniques read the following materials authored by Dr. Nielsen:

Are You Blind front coverAre You Blind? - This book focuses on the adult's interactions when working with children/adults with multiple disabilities.  The needs of individuals with autistic-like tendencies or who exhibit self-injurious or aggressive behaviors are specifically addressed.  The Five Phases of Educational Treatment are presented in detail - a technique used to build trust and encourage skill attainment.


Early Learning Step-By-Step CoverEarly Learning Step By Step - Parents, educators, and therapists who work with children and adults with multiple special needs will gain an understanding of how all individuals achieve readiness skills for learning.  Environmental intervention can facilitate skill attainment through Active Learning equipment and techniques, including learning to move, coordinate hand movement, learning to chew/eat, dress/undress, and play constructively. 

Educational Approaches - This book is a collection of Dr. Nielsen's papers, articles, essays and research ideas. It explains how she expanded the educational approaches for children and infants with vision impairments.

Functional Schemes cover.Functional Scheme - This functional skill assessment and learning reassessment tool was developed by Dr. Nielsen to meet the needs of children and adults who are functioning at a developmental level under 48 months.  The purpose of the tool is to create the best possible basis for developing an appropriate learning program for the learner. 


Space and Self front coverSpace and Self - Dr. Nielsen details the meaning of spatial relations as it applies to the development of self-identity.  The development and use of the “Little Room” is provided, with particular emphasis on promoting object conceptualization, self-identification and spatial relations in individuals with multiple special needs.


Spatial Relations in Congenitally Blind Infants - This is Dr. Nielsen's dissertation on her scientific study, which resulted in the design of the "Little Room."  The study investigated whether a specially designed environment would facilitate the development of early spatial relations in congenitally blind infants.

The Comprehending Hand front coverThe Comprehending Hand - The ability to grasp is of fundamental importance for a child with special needs to get into contact with his/her surroundings and to enhance the development of the other senses. The book gives practical hints on how to adapt materials and surroundings to stimulate and encourage fine motor skill development.


The FIELA Curriculum front coverThe FIELA Curriculum – 730 Learning Environments - Developed by Dr. Nielsen, The Flexible Individual Enriched Level Appropriate Curriculum offers 730 examples of developmentally appropriate activities for children and adults with multiple disabilities.  This book is an "appetizer" to the thousands of learning environments and activities a child or adult needs to develop and learn to his potential.  (An optional Manual with Moveable Cards provides an instantly usable programming option.)

These books are available through LilliWorks.

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