Active Learning Materials and Activities Planning Sheet might be used to gather information for program planning for a student utilizing an Active Learning approach. Gathering information takes a little time, many conversations with caregivers, some trial and error, and a lot of observation. This form is meant to help a team get started planning together for their student. As the team continues to learn more about the child, information continues to be added.  This document can be shared with a variety of people who interact with the child or who will interact with the child in the future.  It also can be included (in parts) into a portfolio or other records.

Adapted from personal notes from a seminar by van Dijk, J. 1985 and information from Dr. Lilli Nielsen in Functional Scheme and some of her other books.

You may download blank forms to use with your student in both Word and PDF formats.








Educators often develop forms to help them document the learner's progress toward IEP or other skill acquisition. Some help you to evaluate a particular learning environment or perceptualizing aid used during an Active Learning activity.  

Below are downloads we have collected that you may want to use.  


IEP Goals and Objectives Progress Form

Active Learning Skills Checklist

Essef Board Observation Form

HOPSA Dress Observation Form

Little Room Observation Form

Multi-Functional Activity Table Observation Form

Support Bench Observation Form

Other Perceptualizing Aids Observation Form