When Things Go Wrong

Occasionally an individual will get stuck in a specific part of the Dynamic Learning Circle. This can lead to disruptive behaviors, self-stimulation, or other problems in learning. It is important to recognize when this happens and to know what to do to help the child get back on track.

Patty Obrzut Talks about When Things Go Wrong

Description: Patty Obrzut, Assistant Director of the Penrickton Center for Blind Children discusses challenges you might face in implementing Active Learning techniques and how to modify the learning environment so that it encourages exploration and independent activity.


    1. The Child is Not Interested in the Object  02:13
    2. The Child Who Throws Everything  06:49
    3. The Child with Self-Stimulatory or Inappropriate Behaviors  02:47


Collage of When Things Go Wrong

Collage of throwing

Collage of not interested in an object