Patty Obrzut Discusses Developmentally-Appropriate Activities

When we offer any child an activity that does not match their developmental level, the child will reject (or try to reject) that activity. This is why we often see individuals with significant developmental delays, especially as they grow older, being described as having challenging behaviors.  Actually, they are probably responding in an appropriate way to tasks or activities that are above their ability to handle with success.

Description: This video is designed to show you what happens when a typical 2-year-old child is presented with tasks that are at a developmental level that is far above her functioning level. This girl has typical vision and hearing, with no identified learning problems. Her aunt, who is on the staff at the Penrickton Center for Blind Children, has created this video specifically to demonstrate what happens when a task is not appropriate for a child’s developmental level.

Developmentally Appropriate Activity


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