Video Index

We have compiled a complete list of all the videos available on Active Learning Space. This was last updated May 2022. The videos fall into the following categories:

      • Videos of Children
      • Lectures, Webinars, and Adult Demonstrations

You will notice that many of the same videos appear on different pages in different sections of the website. The reason for this is that one activity in a specific environment may be used to demonstrate a variety of things such a how a specific piece of equipment is used, how it might be used to teach specific content, or how this approach can be used to support a variety of therapies and related services. We have tried to organize them in a way that will help you find videos you wish to view. You will see the Main Menu as headers and the pages referenced after each video segment. For example, under the header Related Services and Therapies you see A Science Lesson Using a Support BenchPhysical Therapy. This means that you can find that video on the Physical Therapy page under the Related Services and Therapies menu tab. You can also go directly to the video without going to that page by using the link.